The Berlinale Blog: The clenching embarrassment of a George Clooney press conference



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Interesting, but a tad condescending. Clooney is a professional because he avoids the whole "People are stupid" cliché, which, as true as it may be, especially at a Berlinale press conference (not a particularaly clever Film Festival to start with) is something better not mentioned, even less written about.

Teo Peaks 341 days ago


I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed your writing, but also have to point out that your article has more to do with the incompetence of journalism and your hangover than the Clooney press con. Would have been nice to know what was actually said there (save for the few tragically misplaced questions). Or were you too hungover to report?

dunj 341 days ago

Marry me, Ben

What a great post. Artistry. Run-on sentences, mixed metaphors, multiple references underlining a witty, biting point. I totally get the post and its disdain for journalists (even though you're one of us!) and Internet commentators. I love you Ben. I laughed. The commenter below should LOSE his right to post without an editor, because he clearly needs it.

Drew Portnoy Bulkeley 341 days ago


The writing is dreadful. Run on sentences, mixed metaphors, multiple references to make a simple point. I have no idea what this article is about. I don't blame the writer, but his editor should loose his or her job.

tembeck 341 days ago

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