Amok Mama: I'm not being racist, but...



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Oh come on!!!

According to some of the comments I read on such topics, I can imagin us all having to walk around in 10 years time with our heads down, not looking at, or speaking to anyone!!!
To make an interesting world, we need different, interesting people. If we can't talk with each other about different cultures, what is the point?!
Will I have to look in my "make sure it's not racist" book before I talk about the amazing world of culture?

Bob more than 2 years ago


I am writing it right now. I'm like a Racism-O-Meter

Jacinta Nandi more than 2 years ago


you really trivialize racism and cultural stereotypes... racist and not funny at all...

L. more than 2 years ago


Casual racism is still racism. It's also incredibly unfunny.

Fiona more than 2 years ago

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