August 28, 2012

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August 28, 2012

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The kid's truth

Kids tell you how it is, right? So when my kid tells me that I'm a big fat monster........ oh, I get it!

Me more than 2 years ago

I knew that

But then your Mr. Singing-Club is never dear, your pigs never whistle, and you always get the doors closed. Plus you never suffer from circulation or draftiness.
But, with a wee amount of sexually charged fantasy one could construct an English dialogue that effortlessly contains the phrase "meet in the black".

Jakob more than 2 years ago


We also hit nails on heads, but we never ever ever meet in the black.

Jacinta more than 2 years ago

The sad news is...

...old Rico probably hit the nail right on the head (as we ignorant of proper English phrases, word-by-word-translating Germans would say). No more cuddling for you in six to eight years, girl.

Jakob more than 2 years ago

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