Jacob Sweetman: Exile on lame street




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I'm still reeling in the joyous concept of Jake eating brunch. Brunch?! Is this a German word for coffee and fags? (Excellent article btw!)

Tommy Lassoo more than 7 years ago


I think in the case of Assauer "shit-for-brains" would have sufficed just as nicely. I just thought he's less likely to sue if he doesn't understand. Having said that I do love the idea of a homophobe being called Assauer.

sweetman more than 7 years ago


In Australia they use it to use people who are just kind a philistines/working against the boss

Jacinta more than 7 years ago


Actually yeah, they were. I do attach the name to easily to all sorts of regressive idiots. Now, the pedants....

Sweetman more than 7 years ago


Weren't they the people who opposed technological progress...as opposed to sexual?

Seymour more than 7 years ago

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