March 5, 2012

Do you like this?

1. Are Germans the new Americans?

Writing in Der Spiegel, columnist Jan Fleischhauer ("meat beater") claims Germans have become the Americans of Europe: imperialists trying to impose austerity and draconic discipline upon the Greeks while in fact showering them with money. The result: German flags burning in the streets of Athens, Merkel protrayed with a swastika armband.

The comparison is utterly inadequate. Despite its role as world cop, America still manages to seduce the global masses with its movies, celebrities and media. Germany will never produce a movie like Avatar or a star like Madonna or a company like Facebook. On an emotional level, technically superior cars and good beer can't compete with the heart-conquering Hollywood dream machine.

If Germany is fated to be the America of Europe, it needs to work on its soft power strategies and export more movies like Goodbye Lenin! and produce a supermodel less fascist than Heidi Klum.

2. Angela under attack

Our leader's not getting much love from anyone these days: the Greeks probably got a kick out this video showing the hated Angela Merkel drenched by five beers spilled on her by a nervous waiter last week.

Often the only woman in the room – she often has to put up with a lot of crap from the guys. Like when that prankster George Bush Jr. gave her surprise backrub...

3. Megaclub in Neukölln: "Watch out, I'm hetero!"

Closer to home: the operators of the new Cube Club in the Kindl Bauerei in Neukölln invited the district's straight-talking mayor and Thilo Sarrazin sympathizer Heinz Buschkowsky to hold an opening speech. "Prenzlauer Berg is out," he declared. After the catty observation, he went on to say how he'd just bumped into a young man in pastel trousers and told him: "Watch out, I'm hetero." Clubbers (presumably in less soft colors) were amused. What were the owners of Cube thinking? They probably weren't thinking. One more nail in the coffin of NK's reputation...


March 5, 2012

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kinda provocative title that doesn't deliver much in the text... zzzz

pedro stee more than 2 years ago


Sterben sollst du für dein Glück. It's really tacky, but it's enjoyable. She's really melodramatically anti-Islam. I think she wrote it herself.

Jacinta more than 2 years ago


What's the title of the book you are writing about in your comment? Thx

Jeremy more than 2 years ago

Do you never think

...that maybe just coz we can speak English, we see America as EVEN MORE American than other non-English-speaking foreigners?

I only say this coz at the moment I'm reading one of those really tacky books where a girl in a headscarf suffers a lot (my ex used to really tease me for reading those books, he used to call them, Ich, aus dem Haus der Kopftuch-Bücher, but they're exactly the right level of German for me to actually enjoy) and in this book a Pakistani girl goes on about how she thought America was cool, then England and then Germany. And at first I kind of snorted and thought "Yeah right" like I thought she'd just written that to schleim up the Germans - she's converted to Christianity, I hate to be flippant about converts, but God, she is really schleiming up to Western society, like a prefect making a teacher a cup of tea - but then I thought about it and I DON'T KNOW what it's like to come from Pakistan or wherever. Maybe Germany is more important than we think it is.

I mean, America's America. But maybe it's like America's Coca-Cola and Germany's like Fritz-Cola. Or Club Cola. Not even remotely in the same league, but still, actually in a league of some kind. I know it's hard for me to imagine. All we knew about Germany when I was growing up was that they'd lost the war and done the Holocaust.

Jacinta more than 2 years ago

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