Seymour Gris: The to go cup tax



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Mos' def !

Bring on the plastic Tax..and anyway, people calling themselves Kaffee Geniesser should get with it and realise, only coffee from ceramic tastes like it should...
...but then again, germans drink their kaffee with *disgusting* amounts of milk (Krieg ich ne Latte?) which kind of has nothing to do with true enjoyment of real coffee...

yes, bring your own mugs, or have a to-go-mugs wit 5 Euro Pfand, to add to the confusion of where to drop of which beverage container (:

Pete 354 days ago


....or let's just bring our own cups

Constanze 354 days ago

Purpose of the levy?

With babies born in Australia on the verge of being sent to detention on a tiny Pacific island, Australia's public broadcaster is also concerned about this first world issue

Richard Ure 354 days ago


How many little paper bakery bags? It's gotta be way more than the little paper coffee cups...

Jerm 355 days ago


yeah, but bags can be easily recycled

Maurice T Frank 355 days ago

Another tax on the working poor.

Most bakeries in Berlin aren't serving Biomutti, you know.

Frauke 355 days ago

biomutti is the only one that cares?

so, everyone else doesn't care? cause they should...

Pete 354 days ago

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