Three questions for... Dscreet

The British-born wall-scrawler paints clear pictures and they’re getting doubly clear as he pairs off street artists from all over the world at Urban Spree’s DUBL TRUBL, on through Oct 26. more »

Sep 19, 2014 Art

It's an average life

OUT NOW! Mundanity and predictability hinder R.J Cutler's attempts at matching the warmth of "It's a Wonderful Life" in the bland IF I STAY. more »

Sep 19, 2014 Film

Sophomore Scheiße

OUT NOW! The film adaptation of Charlotte Roche's second novel, SCHOßGEBETE, is trite drivel with none of the rebelliousness and charm of the first. more »

Sep 18, 2014 Film

Bovary redux

OUT NOW! A good turn from lead Fabrice Luchini makes GEMMA BOVERY, at take on Madame Bovery, keeps the modern retelling compelling. more »

Sep 18, 2014 Film

Realism on the reel

OUT NOW! Painter Edward Hopper's works literally come alive in Gustav Deutsch's ghostly SHIRLEY: VISIONS OF REALITY, best suited for the gallery enthusiast. more »

Sep 18, 2014 Film

The family man?

OUT NOW! With an utterly skewed portrayal of facts, Heinrich Himmler is contrived as THE DECENT ONE and we're puzzled. more »

Sep 18, 2014 Film

Soccer and semi-automatics

OUT NOW! In an intimate first-person documentary, A WORLD NOT OURS questions what home is for the residents of a Palestinian refugee camp. more »

Sep 18, 2014 Film

The scramble for freedom

OUT NOW! During a desperate plea for independence, CONCERNING VIOLENCE documents the true grit behind Africa's struggle from the grip of colonialism. more »

Sep 18, 2014 Film

"Being a foreigner is pretty good training for a writer"

Brittani Sonnenberg's been in Berlin for six years now… and that’s a record in the biography of the 33-year-old chronic expat. The Third Culture Kid and author of "Home Leave" can be seen at the Lit Fest on Wed, Sep 17 at Berliner Festspiele. more »

Sep 16, 2014 Culture

Generation queer

Expatriarch celebrates its five-year-anniversary with the four-month series Expatriarch Generations: the old guard of Berliner musicians shares their knowledge and experience with the new through radio and concerts. First concert is Sep 19 at Schwuz. more »

Sep 16, 2014 Music & nightlife

Lit Fest and more: Killers and gods

Award-winning Greek writer Amanda Michalopoulou delivers a blitz week of literary appearances starting on Sep 16 at St. George's English Bookshop and then continuing on at the International Literature Festival. Make sure to catch her at least once. more »

Sep 15, 2014 Culture

Street art on an (Urban) Spree

The question “street art or vandalism?” is a well-worn one, but today still provokes a response. From Sep 18, Urban Spree hosts street crew Dubl Trubl, illustrating this fine line by pairing up artists for a mash-up of artistic urbanity. more »

Sep 15, 2014 Art

Spotless sexcapades

OUT NOW! Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal spice up their worn-out love life in the squeaky clean SEX TAPE. more »

Sep 11, 2014 Film

The flesh hell of Hollywood

OUT NOW! Cronenberg does it again with his disturbing take on Hollywood life in MAPS TO THE STARS. more »

Sep 11, 2014 Film

Tense and tight

OUT NOW! Philip Seymour Hoffman leads a sharp ensemble cast in A MOST WANTED MAN, Anton Corbijn's latest outing. more »

Sep 11, 2014 Film

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