February 10, 2012

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Newly opened Kraupa-Tuskany gallery has already staked out its place in the Berlin art environs, having lined up a series of shows by artists fascinated by technology and digital aesthetics.

Kraupa-Tuskany Gallery

Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 29, 10178 Berlin


030 6881 2710

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Thu-Sat 14-19:30

    In Sociodelic Paths, which ended last month, the emerging gallery offered the rare opportunity to see works by Sture Johannesson, a Swedish artist who has been heavily censored and denied the opportunity to exhibit for many years – the artist also appeared in the Transmediale exhibition this month.

    Johannesson’s lurid poster collages from the 1960s combine a psychedelic explosion of colours and shapes with pop iconography and political commentary, influenced by the artist’s anti-authoritarian stance, which was fueled by his own experience growing up in a eugenics-obsessed orphanage.

    Continuing with the gallery’s goal of supporting innovative and thought-provoking artists is the upcoming exhibition, Avoid, Control, Accept, Transfer, featuring multimedia artists Keller/Kosmas (Aids-3D).

    In addition to installation and sculpture, the duo exhibit paintings made with carbon black and titanium dioxide, binary opposites on the light spectrum.

    The exhibition casts a satirical and cerebral commentary on paranoia, the futility of risk management and technological solutions in a culture obsessed with sustainability, value and convenience.

    Avoid, Control, Accept, Transfer, Feb 11-Mar 31 | Kraupa-Tuskany, Tue- Sat 14-19:30 and by appointment.


    February 10, 2012


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