March 6, 2012

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If you’re a sucker for soccer, be sure not to miss out on the annual 11mm festival dedicated to the sport. With eight successful editions under its belt, the festival has grown to feature more than 50 films, including shorts and documentaries.

Babylon Mitte

Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30, 10178 Berlin


030 2425 969

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    The fest opens with a treat for aficionados: former German goalie Sepp Maier presents material from his private video diary of events leading up to Germany’s 1990 World Cup win in Italy, providing a unique insight into what goes on beyond those green lawns.

    The Golden 11, the audience prize for most beloved film, and the 11mm Shortkicks, for best football short film, are both up for grabs. Hermano (Mar 12, 20:00, original with English subs), a Venezuelan film about brothers competing against each other and searching for salvation through football fame, and Blue Moon Rising (Mar 9, 22:15), which follows five Manchester City devotees through the exciting 2009/10 season, are both part of the program.

    11mm, Mar 9-13 | Babylon Mitte,


    March 6, 2012

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