May 31, 2012

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Hands up if you love a good conspiracy theory. This one is better argued than many, as Mayr prowls the corridors of power in Brussels, uncovering a pretty scary conglomerate of industrial interests that have ousted the perfectly respectable incandescent light bulb from supermarket shelves in favour of the mercury-infested compact fluorescent: millions of these will hit the world’s inadequately managed waste sites in years to come. Think Slumdog, and thank Greenpeace for its collusion in this farce if you can’t remember your grandma’s name in five years time.

Bulb Fiction | Directed by Christoph Mayr (Austria/Germany 2011) documentary. Starts May 31


May 31, 2012

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more on this

for the full video , synopsis in english etc
go to Freedomlightbulb org, search bulb fiction
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john more than 1 years ago

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