December 2, 2011

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What price inner freedom? For some, it’s the only liberty left. Directors Aleksandra Kumorek and Silvia Kaiser spent months testing this hypothesis in extremis as they filmed a group of inmates in Berlin’s Tegel prison engaged in Socratic discussion on the rights and wrongs of the system, as well as the circumstances and actions that put them where they are.

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    The fourth EXBlicks brings you the result: a much-praised documentary, The Conquest of Inner Freedom, which lives and breathes the need for inconvenient truths as expounded by the great man (and former inmate) Socrates himself.

    Interspersed with scenes from prison life, this movie yanks philosophy from the bookshelf and bangs it on the table, with surprising results.

    Brought to you with the ‘complicity’ of the team from online cinema platform, and shown, as always, with English subtitles at Berlin’s cosiest Kino, the film should definitely inspire a most philosophical debate during the after-screening Q&A.

    EXBlicks, Mon, Feb 12, 20:00 | Lichtblick-Kino,


    December 2, 2011

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