September 5, 2012

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Filmed in 1995 for a series entitled Triumph of the Nerds, large parts of this interview, long believed lost, have now been released as a docu- mentary. It’s a static affair as black-turtlenecked Jobs does the talking. But the format is ideal for conveying the man’s intensity, his unparalleled drive and vision at a point in time when he wasn’t even with Apple (he rejoined in 1996). “Ultimately, it comes down to taste” he says at one point, bemoaning the cultural void at Microsoft. Food for thought, despite all the info-tech talk.

Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview | Directed by Paul Sen (USA 2011) with Steve Jobs, Robert X. Cringely. Starts September 6


September 5, 2012

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Better things?

What an douchebag.At least Bill Gates is doing something helpful with his money.

Maurice T Frank more than 1 years ago

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