August 16, 2012

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Maybe you don’t know who crucial Israeli photographer Rudi Weissenstein is, so it stands to reason that Miriam Weissenstein, his still living 96-year-old wife or their historical photo store in Tel Aviv may be just as unknown. Life in Stills documents the struggle of Miriam and her gay grandson Ben to save their shop from development as well as snap-shotting an old woman’s adjustment to modern world affairs. An attempt might have been made to disentangle the myriad political forces at work here. Thoughtfully, they were left to stand as is.  The movie doesn’t tackle gay issues or larger political issues, but gives us a tender and touching portrait of intergenerational care. Short and to the point, the film illustrates that even though all battles may not be won, the pictures of the journey are worth so much more.

Life in Stills | Directed by Tamar Tal (Israel 2011) documentary. Starts August 16


August 16, 2012

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