August 9, 2012

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The myth of Prometheus has long been a theme in modern storytelling, but Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s tale of forsaking faith in God to become a creator of life only to bring ruin on both the maker and its creation, is undoubtedly the most well known retelling.

Ridley Scott’s first foray into science fiction since 1982’s Blade Runner reverses Shelley’s tale and sends a crew of human beings to find their own maker on a distant planet. Much like Shelley’s story, we, the creation, are not total monsters, but a mishmash of various parts of the human character flaw spectrum. This all sounds like it has electricity – interesting themes nestled in Scott’s persistently H.R. Giger influenced aesthetics – so it should come alive. But it only has a pulse in a summer blockbuster sense.

While it’s not complete drivel, Scott has a hard time keeping focus, bouncing from one theme to the next and pasting it together with rather stilted and uninspired dialogue. It also suffers from the fact that while the parts are right, the gestation period could have been prolonged in order to really polish off what should have been a great return to sci-fi. Although Prometheus does manage thrills and jumps that ultimately deliver a conclusion, this particular creation remains unfinished.

Prometheus (Prometheus – Dunkle Zeichen) | Directed by Ridley Scott (USA 2012) with Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace. Starts August 9


August 9, 2012

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