June 21, 2012

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In this nearly 90-minute feature documentary, British brainiac and raconteur Stephen Fry travels to Bayreuth and beyond to confront the legacy and besmirched reputation of one of Germany’s most (in)famous composers by asking the controversial question: can a Jew really enjoy Wagner’s work despite its association with anti-Semitism? Whether you worship Wagner or not, this docu is certainly worth a look, if even just to see an ecstatic Fry (who happens to be Jewish) struggle to hold himself together as he walks in the footsteps of this musical maestro.

Wagner & Me | Directed by Patrick McGrady (UK 2010), with Stephen Fry. Starts June 21


June 21, 2012

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Wagner and Me

I watched this about two years ago via the BBC iPlayer. It was enjoyable, interesting and, like nearly everything Fry does, well done.

Joe more than 1 years ago

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