Who the fuck is Helene Fischer?



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I agree pretty much about the type of music. But she is an great singer with a powerful and lovely voice. I think she sings what the audience wants. Listen to her sing English songs. There are few better voices than that if they are any.

Terry Harrell more than 1 year ago


I just stumbled onto your blog post by chance, really funny article!

Even though (of course!) I LOVE Helene Fischer :-) You really should try the experience of watching her show with 40 000 other people in a football stadium, it's an incredible experience (it might not help with the Atemlos Ohrwurm problem though).

But I agree with your friend Sergei, as the comment below mine shows, there REALLY are too many Germans who take music annoyingly serious (Don't worry, for me Scooter is also only some weird guy who screams weird stuff into a megaphone ;-) )

Kerstin more than 1 year ago

You need to understand the music...

"While I admire anyone who is able to base a song solely around the question “How much is the fish?” and respect his commitment to a single haircut (it literally hasn’t changed since the early 1990s), I am unable to explain the appeal."

You are talking about Scooter as though you know who they are - you don't, but you decided to blog about them anyway. Scooter is a pioneering group from the early 90's. They are not just "some group," or "some singer." Their songs, among songs from many other artists from the early 90's, helped Eurodance evolve to what it is today. The lyrics are not important when it comes to eurodance - it's the sound, the bass, the kick, the way all the instruments bring the song alive. If it weren't for Scooter, Paul van dyk, Roberto zannetti, Energy Records, Jam & Spoon, etc...Trance, Progressive-House, Dream Music, Electro, Classic Eurodance, Italo-dance and many other genres that once were popular, or are still popular today would not be around.

Yes, once again, it's true, the lyrics are not impressive, but if you are attempting to blog, you fail miserably because you failed to grasp what Scooter did. If you are going to bash scooter, or other groups like them, you might as well bash every other pioneer from the electronic era of the 90's - I mean all they did was create, pioneer, and help and entire genre and sub-genres of electronic music become what it is today.

The only thing embarrasing here is you.

Paul more than 2 years ago


taylor swift is the same thing for yankees. mainstream country music.. face palm...

ddd more than 2 years ago


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