March 27, 2010

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London transplant Sharmaine Reid recently launched Dialogue Berlin, an English bookstore tucked away at the back of a tea shop ("The T Room").

Although there are already a number of established English-language bookshops in Berlin, Reid hopes to fill a special niche by pairing her literary tastes and insider knowledge (she’s a former publicist and has been a bookseller for over a decade) with an open ear to the city’s literary community. She aspires to the kind of personalized engagement that could inspire a ‘dialogue’ between buyers and books - and heck, why not authors too?

The shop is to be an ongoing experiment: it will evolve with the shifting tastes of Berlin’s literary community and, hopefully, keep readers on their toes at the same time. As well as children’s books, graphic novels and the usual bookstore standards, Dialogue Berlin offers more exceptional genres - Food (mainly British cooking), Cultural Studies and a Theory section concentrated on Art, Film and Literature. The T Room café and gallery, where it is housed, provides a cozy ambience (and, of course, tea and scones).


March 27, 2010

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