March 29, 2010

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Inspired by the culinary pleasures of San Francisco's Mission District, the two guys behind Dolores recognised a gaping hole in Berlin's quality takeaway offerings.


Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 7, 10178 Berlin


030 2809 9597

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Mon-Sat 11:30-22:00, Sun 13-22:00

    Inside View

    Devotees flock to this smart, bustling snack bar for its moreish burritos and quesadillas, which are assembled rapidly before your eyes after you rattle off your choice of fillings: succulent shredded beef, tofu, pork, or mole or lime chicken, embedded in white or brown rice.

    There are also pinto or black beans, and fajita-style veggies; sour cream, guacamole or cheddar cheese; and salsa (from "fresh tomato" to the hot "red chilli").

    The result is 420 potential combinations - all of which are irresistible and immensely filing. Addictive!


    March 29, 2010

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    • Lauf Junge Lauf

      Stumbling along

      OUT NOW! Out-smarting the Nazi occupation of Poland, the childhood survivor tale of LAUF JUNGE LAUF does not carry us all the way.

    • Dom Hemingway

      Lock left uncracked

      OUT NOW! Jude Law as law breaker DOM HEMINGWAY is all talk, no snatch.

    • Yves

      Yves So Low-rent

      OUT NOW! Style icon of the 21st century YVES SAINT LAURENT is over-dressed and under-realised.


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