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What's being said
  • That's it? This story has no substance, I was expecting a deeper analysis of the situation not jus

    emile | My friend and Le Pen

  • The owner of this place is a complete nut job who threatens to sue people out of the blue. Happy to

    Anon | Chez Ojan: Authentic Canadian

  • As one of them seemed to think he was cop and had to do some kind restraint on me. I can say BVG is

    joe bentley | Screw the BVG!

  • The efficacy rate is close to 100% rather than just 90... quite a big difference.

    Marius | Putting gays on the pill

  • If you were an expat in a foreign land, you would quickly find that English is used as a universal

    Ace | RANT! “Sorry, no German!”

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