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School season: Tue-Fri 9-22:00, Sat 13-18:00; Sun 10-18:00 Summer season: Tue-Fri, Sun 11-18:00; Sat 13-18:00 Holidays: Mon-Fri, Sun 10-18:00; Sat 13-18:00

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Letters to the editor
  • Wasted on the young

    OUT NOW! Even though YOUTH does tackle issues of mortality with occasionally misguided stabs at drama, it's a largely lighthearted look at age, with sharp performances from an excellent cast. more »

  • Everyone loves a cold war

    OUT NOW! Expertly shot and acted and perhaps a shade less complex than it could have been, espionage drama BRIDGE OF SPIES shows off Spielberg's knack for accessible, smart cinema. more »

  • You think Berlin is cold?

    OUT NOW! Though the documentary may seem like a preachy environment lesson on paper, ICE AND THE SKY finds no lack of excitement and beauty in the Antarctic expeditions it charts. more »

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