The Way of Water

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F40: English Theatre Berlin/Theatre Thikwa Fidicinstraße 40, 10965 Berlin

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What's being said
  • luxemburgian corporation yes or no, running a house incurs certain costs. Sewage, real estate taxes

    Peter Schäfer | Friedel54's last stand

  • Its soooooo over. Gentrification isnt a complex issue. White people invade and take everything.

    joe bentley | No-kölln!

  • You should really experience other cuture's annoying singers or artists. There is nothing embarrass

    Angie | Who the fuck is Helene Fischer?

  • Ah yes a few songs are the issue in Germany, not the fact that Germans will be a minority in their

    Charles | Konrad Werner: Racism is built into Germany's school system

  • I certainly can't conceive the idea of supporting a political party like Podemos. After living for

    Andrea P. | Si, Podemos!

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