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May 26, 2016


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May 30, 2016

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  • Maybe Maria and Laura should have just adopted someone else's unwanted child. Oh wait, they can't d...

    Bernie | John Riceburg: Lesbian Shotgun Wedding

  • the EU or rather merkel makes dodgy deals with turkish dictaters and turkish fascist grey wolves ru...

    Lisa James | Konrad Werner: Tactical promotion for the AfD

  • Anita would not be Rainer's niece, she is his first cousin once-removed.

    Sabine | My Nazi family

  • To criminalize a person because not paying the metro is against essential principles of criminal la...

    Dora | Screw the BVG!

  • This can happen when incompetent, irresponsible, obsolete, and egocentric [im]mature men like Thilo...

    Dora | Screw the BVG!

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