July 6, 2010

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Any urban streetwear brand that knows which side its bread is buttered on will be landing in Tempelhof on July 7, as tens of thousands of visitors flock from around the world to the most notorious fashion tradeshow in town.

Schmoozing has never been so hectic: as the music echoes through the cavernous airport hangars and the neon lights pulsate, buyers, press, designers and stylists swarm between the stalls, checking out the wares of over 600 brands. Jeans are the most favoured clothing item in the western world – and a visit to Bread & Butter reminds you that the denim industry has some serious clout. The denim brands take centre stage, and the big boys such as Diesel, Wrangler, Replay, Levi's and G-Star compete for attention with daily fashion shows, champagne bars, lounging models and goody bags. Make sure to stretch your legs and do a tour of the whole tradeshow as some of the more interesting, independent brands are on the periphery.

Bread & Butter introduces new ideas and themes each season. One of the additions this summer is an onsite kids’ camp, which keeps the little ones occupied whilst showcasing children’s fashion brands. And no one can ignore the fact that the World Cup final will be taking place during Berlin Fashion Week (July 7-11), so grab a seat at the purpose-built Bread & Butter stadium to catch the games.

Bread & Butter is strictly for people in the fashion industry, so you will not be able to stroll in off the street, but be creative when you apply for a pass: they are lenient to people who work in design.

Spotlight on B&B Brands

The Berlin brand: German Garment

This locally based t-shirt label is a collaboration between four prolific young friends: MTV VJ Joke Winterscheidt, acclaimed fashion designer Killian Kerner, actor Matthias Schweighöfer and DJ Sebrok. Their collective reputations alone are a recipe for the brand’s success, but the concept is also foolproof – monochrome, non-pricey tees for men and women emblazoned with cool prints and bold patterns. The “Sun” shirt dresses now on sale at German Garment’s online store are the highlight of the current women’s collection. A label that should be on your ‘ones to watch’ list as you traverse Bread & Butter.

The shoe brand: Bloch

As Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy proved, ballerina pumps are the only way to go flat and still be glamorous. Australian label Bloch has been making shoes for ballerinas since 1932, and its crossover into the world of fashion has been hailed by the industry – US Vogue called them the ballerina shoe label of the year. Each collection is an inspiring range of colourful, beautifully-crafted pumps (with proper foot support!) that will last you a lifetime. The Baby Bloch range is worth having kids for.

The jeans brand: GAS

Without mentioning any names, some of the big Italian jeans brands tend to truss up their denim too much, so it is reassuring to see a label that realises the importance of simplicity when it comes to wardrobe staples. Gas is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and its longevity can be attributed to its dedication to trend pieces that stand the test of time. As well as great boyfriend jeans and denim minis, the slick leather jackets and plaid shirts are great everyday items. To celebrate its birthday, GAS is launching its research Denim collection – a whole range of jeans without seams!

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July 6, 2010

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