Kaiser are chiefs as Dynamo predict a riot



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reporting the facts

Yes report the trouble, but the reporters views are far from what i witnessed myself before, during and after the game! I didn't feel any air of inevitability about trouble before or during the game, just a noisy up for it support willing their side on the way BFC fans do. Pyro and bombs going off at stadiums all over Europe and i actually think it adds to the atmosphere.....certainly beats the watered down, sit down and behave type crowds we have in the uk most part!
BFC have done great things to improve the image and behaviour of the support in general, i may be biased but compared to what they were in the 90's and at certain games v Union in the past it's like night and day, i always feel the reportings of any trouble at BFC should be done on an individual basis without having to bring up the bad old days. I mean it's not very often you hear about the old Union support and the right wing element they had during the late 80's early 90's. They have managed to move on with a little help from the media and i'd like to think one day soon BFC will do the same.
p.s Good site anyway, it's great for someone like me who can't quite grasp the German language fully (yet) to keep up with what is going on in der besten Stadt in der Welt ;-)

Paul Johnston more than 6 years ago

reporting the facts

Thanks for your comment, Paul.

I can imagine how it's frustrating for the majority of Dynamo supporters, but we have to report on the facts of what happened. I think this column in particular has been specifically making a big effort to move on from the 'clichés' (to quote Mr Bonan) about Dynamo, but I think you'll agree it would have been impossible to speak of the Lautern game without mention of the trouble.

And rest assured, if any other fans were to have done what the Dynamo fans did on Saturday, we would report on it just as objectively as we always do.

Stephen more than 6 years ago

Same old same.

I see it's not only some BFC fans who cannot let the past remain in the past but the media and reporters alike. BFC have nore more of a hooligan problem than any other old DDR or other large German club.

Paul Johnston more than 6 years ago

Same old same.

1.fc union has it's problem fans who caused more problems in cities and stadiums than what Dynamo fans did last season. Saturday was unfortunate in how it ended for BFC Dynamo as a club but let's not pretend that Dynamo are any worse than many other German supports!
It's not only some Dynamo fans who need to move on from their past but seems many media and press reporters themselves.

Paul Johnston more than 6 years ago


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