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Noooo to Stolperstine no more footsteps

There are so many good possibilties for rembering. On the floor with footsteps every day and Nazis who often steal them or vandalize them with poion lack or tar and write pog or lies on them, with a text who remeber the text from a Nazi deportation list this is ot sensitive and nobody likes footsteps or chewing gums, cigarettes or dust and dogs shit on the name of loved ones who were kiled by Nazis ? Guilt money this 120 € for the stones a perfect buisiness model a monople which should not be supported, sorry it hurts a lot of people jews and non-jews.

Gabriella Meros more than 1 year ago

I know

that this project is discussed controversially. But there are also a lot of Jews and Non-Jews who think its a good thing to do. You can see it as a monopole. You can also see it as an art invention with copy right. I think of the four people who lived in my street almost every day. People walk over jewish history in Berlin every day without knowing. Someone else said: if you dont want to walk over jewish victims you have to fly. Because they lived here in the neighbourhood. It were neighbours who looked away when they were transported. And its neighbours today who donate the stones to remember them. Its not the one and only and best idea ever to remember them. But: its one thing to describe all the negative things about the stones, and yes, partly they are true. But its much more difficult to invent other good possibilities to remember the people. I am honestly interested, tell me some, if you know so many ... best Jule K.

Jule K. more than 1 year ago

Continuing the discussion

If you think it is the right thing to do, then put the stone in the right place too. Had there been no Shoah these people would be buried in the cemetery, according to Jewish tradition. That right was taken from them. Jewish law does not allow cremation. If you need to show where those Jewish people lived, then put the remembrance on the wall of the building, a honourable place. Look up, not down. And did you ever think about blind people?
A saying before Nazi times, when a German stumbled in the street was "There must be a Jew buried here". Did you know this?
What would you like for yourself when you die?
You say it is much more difficult to invent other good possibilities to remember people. There are many memorials, but one has to take the time to go there. An example of a personal way of honouring someone's life through a work of art is my concept of "Stolzesteine - Stones of Pride".
If you would like to hear more then please listen to this interview


What is important is that we continue a dialogue which furthers understanding.

Dessa Petroz-Abeles more than 1 year ago

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