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Speakeasy is awful

I don´t recommend Speakeasy, it´s a waste of time: overcrowded classes where you spend a lot of time with stupid activities (drawing seasons, true story) but the grammar is scarce and poorly explained. The teacher didn´t even correct people when we made mistakes speaking!!

Anne more than 1 year ago

Transmitter Berlin is AWESOME

Great and affordable school- small classes and the teachers make sure you understand before moving on to the next thing. Cosy and very enjoyable and cookies were always provided :)

Alexandra Moon-Age more than 1 year ago

Re: Babylonia

This time round we focused on some of Berlin's newest language schools, but Babylonia comes highly recommended- even from a member of the Exberliner team. Thanks for the suggestion! :-)

Gavin Christopher Doyle more than 5 years ago

and and ..

babylonia schule is also a very good school for expat!
Teachers are amazing and people who are studying too.
Around 150e a month, intensive class (4hours / 4 days a week)
There is also free school, integration class, but of course less funny.

nicolas more than 5 years ago

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