The trouble with Berliner Luft

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Germany = + best green tech - worst air = Great!

I've started a petition after talking to Martin Lutz myself. Find it here (and sign) - it's in German however ... in favor of a law initiative to end the partial tax exempt of Diesel fuel:

Michael Keuntje more than 1 year ago

surprising data

This data is very surprising indeed.
I mean, have you lived in Paris or London? It is fairly obvious that Berlin is way more liveable than those two when it comes to air pollution, though it could certainly do even better and I guess this is right of you to point this out.
Yet your article lacks cross-referenced data. However stimulating, the systematic questioning of official stances shall not thrive on a lack of factual rigour. Many more studies/rankings on the issue feature substantially different outcomes.

François more than 1 year ago

S'il vous plait illuminez nous

So please Francois, tell us your data and your sources so different, or your hints just move the factual rigor even farther

Paolo Tacchini more than 1 year ago

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