Amok Mama: We lawfe Lena




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good one

and I doubt proper Germans can even tell an American accent from a Cockney one.
She was very Kate Nash-like and apparently massentauglich.

Berliner Schnauze more than 8 years ago


Am so sick of the crappy American accents Germans emulate. Like I think American English sounds a bit rapey you know? But at least they have a bit of oooomph! behind them. That Germanized version of American English just sounds a bit like coma-sex-abuse. I hate it

Amok more than 8 years ago


Do you think she would be as popular in Germany if she spoke English with an American accent? I personally doubt it. So she's got everything. The innocence, the slightly embarrassed-looking flirty-thing, and an unidentifiable, but definitely not burger-fed, culturally imperialistic accent. It's almost as if she'd sung in German ...

Änne Troester more than 8 years ago


Perfect 10. Cheers for this.

Mischa more than 8 years ago

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