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Love it!!

What a fresh perspective you bring to surviving as a single mum....

Erik Blomquist more than 8 years ago


Ya well, monkeys or not, Rico is too well balanced and happy for you to worry about Bad Mom shit.

farrfoto more than 8 years ago


Yeah I mentioned the word to a colleague the other day and she thought I was saying Porky-pine, she thought that was a hilarious word for them.

Amok more than 8 years ago


hey amok,
you coudn't find the monkeys because they weren't there! they all moved to the posh west when the wall came down. I mean all the orang utans and gorillas and stuff. there are some very tiny monkeys left in tierpark, but not proper ones.
porcupines is a great word. I didn't expect an animal when I first heard it and then googled it. stachelschwein is so straigth forward.

more than 8 years ago

Whatja gonna do?

Buy a TV so you can watch the football while they sleep, and then afterwards let them become Kika-addicted zombies? Or let them take part in wonderful cultural historical sporting event, albeit with slight disadvantage of a teeny-tiny sleep deprivation. Tis a dilemma!

Good Mum more than 8 years ago

Football matches

How about taking your seven year old to a football viewing till 10:30 before a school day? Good dad or bad dad?

Seymour more than 8 years ago

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