Wladek Flakin: Pinkwashing at Pride



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Yes yes yes

Yes. Finally someone speaking some truth about the matter. Thank you!

Elanna more than 1 year ago

Israeli secret services blackmail queer Palestinians!

Wow, thanks for that article, really shows the cynicism involved.

Beccy more than 1 year ago

One sided article

One would think you would ask the Israelis presenting their country and support the fight for equal rights for LGBT for both in Israel and Germany, but you don not. Very credible.

En more than 1 year ago

Last year the pride in Beer Sheva got cancelled

But this year, after a huge progress, they had their first parade in Beer Sheva, and the mayor himself was participating.

LGBT rights situation in Israel was exactly the same as in Germany until 3 weeks ago (gay couples cannot marry in Israel or adopt children still).

Every country is trying to encourage tourism as it brings money to country. It has nothing to do with the conflict (pinkwashing), is just that Tel Aviv is a cool place for gays to travel.

Obviously when there's criticism agains the country's policy in the conflict, one can make a decision to boycott or be unsupportive. But it doesn't mean that any action that is made by Israel is there because of the conflict (or a try to hide the conflict).

I find it strange when people claim that Israel is responsible for LGBT people bad situation in the Palestinians territories while ignoring the social situation and culture in these territories.

Dan more than 1 year ago

Anti-Israelic lefty media bias

I agree. This article is a rather simple piece of one-sided anti-western, anti-isrealic perspective, that totally ignores, what will happen to you as a gay person, when you decide to do a gay pride walk through Gaza...or even some areas on Neukölln. Isreal is just the only hope for freedom, democracy and LGBT-people in the middle-east. That's unfortunately a fact.

Tyler Durden more than 1 year ago

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