Seymour Gris: Blood on the streets



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Your statistics...

Thanks for the article. I'm cycling every day 16 km through the city and can relate. The tone of your article strikes me as negative but the facts you are presenting sound quite positive. It's weird. Also the statistics strike me as odd. What are they saying? 17 dead in Berlin last year, three this year. Is this saying there is a massive improvement? It does actually look like it. But what's changed? What made this year so much better for cyclists in Berlin?

Also I've travelled a lot and lived in the US, Ireland and other German cities and I have yet to come across one that is halfway well equipped as Berlin with cycle lanes. Amsterdam is way better but Berlin is catching up. The US cities are crazy for cyclists, I spent this last spring in NYC, it's horrible for cyclists. How do your Berlin statistics compare with other cities' statistics? I'm honestly curious about this.

PS: The skateboarder... how does this link to the story?

Gilbert 342 days ago

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