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One Spaniard

If the german dont like spainsh people dont come to Spain please.

fran more than 4 years ago

nothing new....

I was kind of expecting this article sooner or later......the funny thing is that i still didnt read it...!the only thing i know is that beeing a spanish living already 10 years here,i feel really embarrased about many of my "hommies".....its very normal,meeting somebody and get the answer of....well im here because theres no jobs in spain,and here you can even live without working...when you ask them what are they doing here......yeah....they really make me feel embarrased of my own people.....

uno de por ahi more than 4 years ago

Spanish Welafare Invasion

I found the title Spanish welfare invasion very xenophobic and possibly also racist. I am completely puzzled about the "welfare" term attached to all the Spanish people who live in Berlin. I am surprise considering this magazine is supposed to be writen by Americans (not to mention the American/Newyorkers invasion and their peculiar concept of invading/screwing a city), for an American auidience.... Also please do your homework: As Germany opens its borders" EXCUSE ME, ha ha ha ha.... There are no "borders" between Germany and Spain in terms of economic and labor mobility..... oh God, you Americans are coming here screwing the real state market, making everyone speak English because you refuse to learn German, and on top of everything you have the courage to complain about the Spanish people, who as members of the EU, HAVE ALL THE RIGHT to be here, live and work here!!! really.... well, you Americans are so, oh well, let's simply say so American... ... what a joke, this magazine...

Konrad more than 4 years ago

Did you read the article?

I'm sorry, but making several unfounded accusations with very little background or authority makes me question whether you read it. The article dispels the myth and the sometimes xenophobic atmosphere found here in Berlin - not just from Americans, but from Germans and other nationalities as well. Secondly, did you read the byline? The article was written by a Spanish journalist. Thirdly, where do you get the idea that we're all Americans? We're not. There are Americans at the magazine, but they are not the majority. The staff is incredibly diverse, with not only people from all over the EU, including our Spanish journalist, but also plenty of Germans. I'm sorry, but I can't take your complaint seriously. You come off mostly as a troll who wants to vent anger at something you know nothing about. Because you didn't or won't read the piece.

Walter Crasshole more than 4 years ago

Yeah but

I think because the title is "the truth about" it is obvious that is playing on a xenophobic idea and not trying to reinforce that, oder. Also the girl in the pic looks so nice and normal and friendly like a typical Spanish expat so it is like a juxtaposition betw. the word invasion (think Vikings) and the nice normal-looking girl.

BUT it may be that I am unable to take anti-Spanish prejudice seriously because I like Spanish people so much? This might also be true. I mean, I don't even like them THAT much but I can't really think of anyone I dislike less except for maybe....actually I do really like them.

Jacinta more than 4 years ago

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