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Berliners for Trump

I almost choked on my smoothie while perusing the October issue at Impala today-one month late- and got stuck on the "Republicans in Berlin" article. Are you kidding me? It's not enough that I have to avoid twitter, CNN, WaPo et al for all the seething gleeful Trump zombies on there, now I have to read about some Christian zealot who brought his particularly tiresome, American bible-thumping s***to East Berlin? And there he is posing with his Harley, wow, and claiming that "America is at rock bottom, so we need liberty and freedom and Republican values," blabla. People like this post-colonialist smug missionary/bible thumper are the reasons I left the US of A to get as far away from millions of such zealot-morons as possible and now I have to read their lies (America under Obama at rock bottom?) in my favorite Berliner expat magazine? Yuck. 1500-2000 Republicans in Germany? They better hope they don't cross my path any time soon.

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