Romanian Ambassador: Progress to be made

INTERVIEW: With a whirlwind of paranoid tabloid headlines meeting the lifting of migration restrictions for Romania and Bulgaria on Jan 1 of this year, Romanian Ambassador Lazar Comanescu talks Roma integration. more »

Apr 7, 2014 by in People

Ken Loach: "We're unstoppable"

At this year’s Berlinale, British director Ken Loach was honoured with a lifetime achievement award for 50 years of cinema. The filmmaker and veteran political activist hasn’t lost his faith in the power of workers to bring about change. more »

Mar 26, 2014 by in People (2 Comments)

"There are women like us who like their jobs."

The sex work debate in Germany shows no signs of abating and prominent feminists like those with Emma spearheaded a campaign against it. But that’s only one side of the argument. Some sex workers in Germany argue the merits of their profession. more »

Mar 7, 2014 by in People

"A woman is not a consumer product."

Is prostitution anti-feminist? One of the leading voices in German feminism, Alice Schwarzer's Emma magazine, ran a virulent campaign against prostitution last year. The campaign's co-initiator and journalist Chantal Louis explains. more »

Mar 5, 2014 by in People (2 Comments)

Photos by Veronika Jonsson

BVG: The people speak

After Wladek Flakin vented his spleen about Berlin’s costly public transit system, we went into the streets to ask Berliners whether they agreed. Now it’s your turn: B-V-Great or B-V-Godawful? Let us know in the comments. more »

Feb 27, 2014 by in People (1 Comments)

Dena: Who’s that girl?

With her debut album arriving in March, Bulgarian junior tennis champion-turned-epitome of Berlin cool Dena is poised to go global. Catch the princess of Kreuzberg pop on her home turf at Berghain Kantine on Wed, Feb 26. more »

Feb 17, 2014 by in People

Christiane’s second life

The girl from Bahnhof Zoo is now far from a child – and unlikely to be spotted in Charlottenburg, either. She published her follow-up memoir last October, but the English translation is still pending. Here’s an exclusive look at the book and woman. more »

Jan 22, 2014 by , in People

The literary connector: Sharmaine Lovegrove

From book-selling to counseling to event-organising, Sharmaine Lovegrove has become a vital player in the expat lit scene. more »

Jan 8, 2014 by in People

The nano-publisher: Amanda DeMarco

Amanda DeMarco of Readux books delivers Berlin literature in English-language, bite-sized form. more »

Jan 8, 2014 by in People

The e-publisher: Nikola Richter

At 37, Richter is a mother, writer, journalist, editor, consultant and curator extraordinaire of myriad cultural and literary projects, especially the kind preceded with the prefix “e-”. With Mikrotext, Nikola Richter caters to the way we read now. more »

Jan 6, 2014 by , in People

Style on the street

Our fashion-clockers find style everywhere in Berlin

Fast and sustainable

Our mini guide to zero-commitment, low-emission transportation.

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