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December 27, 2010

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If you’re looking for Jesus, head to Tiergarten. At Ave Maria, you’ll find not just one, but a startling multitude in all colours and sizes: Jesus standing arms outstretched, Jesus crowned in thorns and of course Jesus on the cross – to various degrees of kitsch and explicitness (bloody stigmata for example).

Ave Maria

Potsdamer Straße 75, 10785 Berlin


030 2652 284

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Mon-Fri 12-18:00, Sat 12-15:00

    There are also Jesus-themed coasters, amulets and necklaces, and iconic pictures and postcards including the negative of Secondo Pia’s photo of the Shroud of Turin. “Our mission in Berlin” is how co-owner Ulrike Schuster defines this little sanctuary in Potsdamer Straße.

    In 1995 the ex-school teacher, along with her friend, the filmmaker Dieter Funk, set out to create a Catholic oasis in a bastion of Protestantism. Fifteen years later, miracle of miracles, Ave Maria has become the emporium for devotional accessories. The clientele is an assortment of believers, kitsch-hunters, even stageprop- seekers (such as the Deutsche Oper). Whether you’re motivated by earthly desire or divine inspiration, this holy shop is worth the pilgrimage.

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    December 27, 2010

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