Criminally uninsured

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I agree with the final sentiment you posted. I had a nightmare in obtaining insurance when I got here from Sweden. To make a very long story short, I was able to get a policy for my wife and me after a year, but the insurance agent mentioned that I should back-pay for the twelve months I was uninsured.

I explained in no uncertain terms that such was unconscionable since it was not I that was refusing to buy insurance, but the insurance companies - both public and private - refusing me on a number of technicalities that took so long to overcome. Thankfully, the agent was reasonable and was able to waive the back-payments. What a nightmare - oh, and I make plenty of money. That is not enough! How many times did I just tell the insurance people to send me a bill for any policy they have? No dice! Ordnung muss sein!

Paul more than 1 year ago

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