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Pathetic Excuse For Journalist.

Hi Strauss. I helped you on a project that is only now coming to fruition, only to have you get what you want and then cut me out. You want to take higher ground in a country in which you are a blow-in? Let's hope you never make it to my country or you will be subject to some harsh truths.

Used Napkin 264 days ago

D. Strauss

D. is the best of the best!

fran and steve more than 6 years ago


No worries, man! have a good one

juan more than 6 years ago

Thank you, Juan.

If I were actually attempting to construct an argument, you would be making my point stronger than my piece displayed above.

D. Strauss more than 6 years ago


You racist prick! 10 years in Berlin, and still a dumb american fuck who doesnt know how things work out in Europe

juan more than 6 years ago

Whatever happened to his record reviews?

They were pretty funny.

Julie more than 6 years ago

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