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Speaking of Santas

Another take on SantaCon by a whiny elite writer in NYC: http://www.motherjones.com/contributor/2015/12/santacon-devil-we-apparently-created-it-we-are-ss-sorry

John Law more than 1 year ago


thank you for the nice article, Alice & Ex Berliner. There is one thing I'd like to ad so I won't be beaten up by hipsters when I get back to the States. My last SantaCon was in 1998. It was in NYC & no Santas barfed, peed in public (that I saw) or beat anyone up....it was much smaller (maybe 300 Santas - which seemed like A LOT). Also - 99% of our street activities (including protesting at the United Nations: "US off my Pole", "No more Reindeer Games, etc.) were meet with a laugh by most people we encoutered. One NYPD cop hollered at us in a thick Queens accent; "Hey Santa!! Can you get me a date with Cindy Crawford for Christmas?"
I've been finished with that particular event for many years. But I will say that if the 10's of thousands of teenaged suburbanites that invade the East Village, the Mission and other cool inner city 'hoods piss off the yuppies and stylish, well heeled townies for a couple of hours, then they can't be all bad!

John Law more than 1 year ago

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