June 20, 2012

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Ten years on and it’s finally time for a peek into the ideal weekend of our fearless leader, polyglot editor-in-chief NADJA VANCAUWENBERGHE.


11:00 Time for a swim at my new favourite swim spot, Schwimmhalle Anton- Saefkow-Platz in Lichtenberg’s Plattenbau heartland.

13:00 Swing by Russian supermarket Stolitschniy to stock up on pelmeni, Soviet sweets and Baltika beer.

13:30 Fresh-grilled shashlik in the parking lot.

14:30 Check out the 1930s-1950s fashion at Mimi.

15:00 Family downtime: sink into a book about WWII Berlin.

20:30 Chez Michel for a steak frites or couscous and a perfect tarte aux pommes.

23:00 Romantic night in Hotel Bogota.


12:00 Family brunch: baguette and (real) butter, toast and jam, eggs – an LP of hunting horns blaring on my old record player.

14:00 Saunter through Tiergarten. Stare at the water by Rousseau Island. Feed the ducks.

15:30 Check out the latest show at the Berlinische Galerie.

17:30 Tea and fruitcake at Hudson’s.

20:00 Catch a flick at Lichtblick, or rent one at Negativeland (Danziger Str. 41), which we watch over takeaway jiaozi from Wok Show.

June 20, 2012

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