Slow death, or a winter of German telly

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Tut mir leid, aber...

I must confess I actually giggled at the Mensch Markus joke. Because of the "condom + foot spray" combo. I would have taken a cab as well, to run away from this foot-psycopath.

Aude more than 5 years ago

watching vs knowing

You don't have to necessarily watch something to know it.
But when the foreigners are not watching it they're not missing anything, so they could be lucky without knowing. But thanks to Exberliner, now they could be lucky with knowledge ;-)

Billy more than 6 years ago

my thoughts on Billy's

The difference is, my dear, that the foreigners are not watching it.

exhe more than 7 years ago

german tv

"Maybe you think you’ve integrated well in this country."

Don't you think there're germans they're sick of this tv as well? ;-)

Billy more than 7 years ago

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