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    The anti-Google alliance

    In the fight against the tech giant’s planned move to Kreuzberg, local anti-gentrification activists and expat anti-surveillance hacktivists have found a common enemy. Read more

    Mar 29, 2018

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    Exit Wilmersdorf

    For the past two years, the old town hall building in City West functioned as an emergency refugee shelter for over 2000 people. Now, the building is closing down. It's an explosive situation with fear and anger running high among the residents. Read more

    Dec 1, 2017

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    Capital poverty

    Citizens in Berlin enjoy unbeatable living standards and record-low unemployment levels supported by the continent’s strongest economy. Right? Wrong. Germany's booming capital is the capital of welfare and homelessness. Meet those left in the cold. Read more

    Sep 28, 2017

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    Where’s the German Corbyn?

    While the charismatic likes of Jeremy and Bernie have led left-wing surges in Britain and the US, the German left still hasn’t been able to come up with an alternative to Merkel. Ben Knight talked to members of Die Linke and the SPD to find out why. Read more

    Sep 20, 2017