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I really don't care, do you?

While I appreciate the article, I really don't care how people choose to wear their hair. All should be free to wear, color, cut, braid, loc, or do what they please regardless of what culture it emanates from. They also shouldn't have to explain or apologize if they are wearing a style that is outside of their own culture. Is blonde hair exclusive to white people? Would a black, Asian, or Indian person have to explain if they decided to dye their hair blonde?

Savanah 20 days ago

So, there's this god named Shiva

Dreadlocks have a certain context in the West, generally associated with African heritage and Rastafarianism in particular. But dreadlocks also have deep historical roots in South Asian culture. They're associated with the god Shiva and are commonly worn by religious mendicants. Matted hair is also sported by so-called householders who have no particular religious connection. For some of these folks there's a nod to the godhead, and for others it's just a fashion statement or way of expressing individuality.

Oxblood Ruffin 363 days ago

deal with some REAL problems

I thought dreadlocks were a part of Rastafarian culture. Which isn't black culture, it's a religion. Anyone can follow any religion they please. Anyone can believe anything they please. My only problem with dreads on white people is that they usually smell of patchoulie and that smell makes me gag!

We are all the same. Crying about a white person having dreadlocks is like a white person complaining that a black person shouldn't wear trousers because white folk invented trousers, they should be naked like an African villager (which, technically, we should all be, since we're all descendents of the same people) No people should have any exclusive treatment, isn't that what all this is about? And yes, I know how shitty black folk in America get treated, and yes, I know about slavery. But black people were not the only people to be slaves. What about the Irish? If a black guy dies his hair ginger is that then cultural appropriation, should the decendants of Irish slaves be upset?!?

Can you not see how stupid this all is? If we want everyone to be the same, to be accepted as equal, we need to stop this kind of petty bullshit. There are things we should definately be concerned about, like the racism that puts four times as many black men in prison as white, but fussing about how a person chooses to wear their hair?! I was in London a few years ago, standing outside a pub with some Americans (white Americans) when a girl handing out flyers for a party walked passed wearing a feathered head-dress. The Americans started screaming at her, insulting her, telling her she was a bitch. So dumb. She wasn't pretending to be a Native "American", she just had a part of their traditional costume on to help her advertise a party. I was embarrassed and had to step in to prevent a fight. You can't have a world of free-speech if you don't let even asshole Nazis have their say. You can't say "refugees welcome" and then discriminate against the refugee with dreadlocks. If you have long hair and don't take care of it, it becomes matted. It's likely all hunter gatherers had dreads. It's not something exclusive to afro hair. Slavery isn't exclusive to black Americans. Learn world history.

Cycling home tonight I passed a graffiti that said "stop racial profiling". Five minutes later another that read "Smash the white male patriarchy". I felt like adding the words "stop racial profiling" underneath, because I'm tired of being told I'm the cause of all the worlds problems because I happen to have "white" skin and a penis. But hey, I'm trying to accept that all people are the same, no matter what colour their skin, where they were born, the amount of money they have in the bank, what their genetic make-up is (or what they choose it to be)... we are ALL made from the atoms of exploding stars, and we will all die. Can't we just focus on how fucking INCREDIBLE that is and make the most of this short time we have to love and care and create and dance and LIVE FREE!?!?

Dave 364 days ago

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