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Germany as a nation should take a pass

Having been in a position to see several Olympics from the inside out, I can assure you that the "No" side is right. When you sign on to an Olympics, you are no longer opting in to be part of something regal, uplifting and grand. You, like the atheletes, sign up to become pawns and peons in the worst sense of those words. A new royalty will appear and they will dictate to you the terms of your financial and public enslavement. Your roads will be closed to all except the Olympic elite. Literally. You will be confronted by oppressive security walls and special police. Your movements will be restricted, you will not be able to afford to attend any events and if you could, you'd find the process demeaning, unless you love being told what to do, where to go, etc. Branding police will tell you what you can drink, eat, wear, etc. Business will incur huge losses. Only the very top companies will make a profit and that's likely coming straight out of your tax dollars. The entire thing is a scam. I feel so sorry for communities and nations so hobbled by low self-esteem and insecurity that they are easy prey to this pitch. It's worse than a pimp working his girls. And I feel sorry for athletes who at one time, used to be the center piece of a magnificent gathering. They've been robbed, too. The present Olympic system should be challenged by a new world cooperative to get back to the basics: sport and sportsmanship.
And here I thought Hamburg was full of smart people. Nobody in their right mind would sign on for this.

Ben There Before more than 2 years ago

Germany as a nation should take a pass

True words. there's nothing else to add. We've got a realy active left-winged community here in Hamburg and belive me, they will stand theire ground and fight!

like this:

Gonzo more than 2 years ago


Oh you lucky Berliners. Once again you passeed the Devil to Hamburg. But we'll stay strong and do everything thats possible to prevent this shit in our town. Fck Olympia!

Gonzo more than 2 years ago


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