Jungle fever? Or just lonely?



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Bindi, I have almost finished my dissertation on female sex tourism in Africa- mainly about Cape Verde and Ghana. Whether people agree or not with the language you have used, this issue is really important and yours was one of the only articles I could find about it. The fact is, Western women ARE having sex with African men in and out of Africa, and it is in a sense mutual exploitation. The women get attention, affection, sex and companionship, but the majority of the men expect the women to pay for things, sometimes a lot of things- and most women will because they want the companionship. And they do use that language- jungle fever etc, most of the African men I have met actually quite enjoy the banana comments- I imagine most men would. So I admire Bindi for raising this point, and don't kill the messenger people just because you don't understand the issue. Watch 'Paradise: Love' film if you need more insight.
PS. My boyfriend is German, and I am more than satisfied- I guess I found a rare gem!

adventuress more than 5 years ago

Re; Bindi

I think Bindi's observations are correct. I can add some interesting insights further. Bindi please email me at abrahamjohnn15@yahoo.com

Neil more than 6 years ago

Another winner by Ex-Berliner

This article was fairly disgusting in tone and content. I walked away from it feeling as though these German women are fetishizing African men, from the "banana" comment to the fact that these men come from a location that is almost directly opposite from the one in which the women were raised (cold, rigid, law-abiding, judgmental, etc).

Whatever the case may be, the publication of this article does nothing more than reinforce the fact that Germans are overcompensating for their innate racism by developing a case of "jungle fever" (awful term!), and commodifies and objectifies those of African descent. The expressions and sentiments used here are not tongue-in-cheek, but instead, shockingly ignorant in their earnestness. Language can kill.

You would never, ever see something like this published in Canada or the UK. You are spreading racism without perhaps knowing it.

Miz Detritus more than 6 years ago


II'm shocked by the angle and language used in this article, 'jungle fever'? Are you serious ''African banana' in the UK this would been viewed as a racist article and I'm shocked that you have it on your site. Who cares what colour and where these people are from, it's nice that they are having a good time together regardless of the colour of their skin. You should have more of an open mind about things and take this article off your website.

Mrs S. Hocked more than 6 years ago


soo ladies are "enjoying themselves sexually" and men are "sad reality"? the only thing sad is reading statements like yours...

dee more than 6 years ago

shama lama ding dong

Hmmm. German men are known to be passionless and not good in the sack (sorry dudes - if you wish to dispel this stereotype or myth and you are good looking and of a sweet nature and have good hygiene contact me here) I'm guessing these ladies have to go where they can to get their rocks off and enjoy themselves sexually even if they have to pay a price to keep these men on their laps. Admittedly, If you are an out of shape, wrinkled bag of course you are going to pay whether you are a man or a woman. Also, the stereotype of the western male going to Thailand, Africa, Cuba, (even the Ukraine) etc for under aged sex for a few dollars is not a myth, it's a sad reality.

Bindi more than 6 years ago


"post-colonialism" ...

Mugu more than 6 years ago

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