Save Berlin: On the bike path to hell



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Culture wars

Let's call a spade a spade - it is a culture war against car drivers, right? At least, as a cyclist, I'm happy to call it that. But that's not only a good thing, it seems necessary. Car culture is crazy. How much space do we give cars? I'd love to see the statistics, but from house front to opposite house front in Berlin probably...30% has cars lying on it. Repurpose some of that and it's not only cyclists but kids, dog walkers, cafes that benefit. Shame it's taking so long!

Ian. 159 days ago

Be careful what you say.

Please don't use the phrase, "Let's call a spade a spade," it's racist.

Dieter 30 days ago

Don't forget pedestrians

On my too short visits to Berlin, I have noticed children are very considerate is sharing paths with pedestrians. The same cannot be said of their elders.

Richard Ure 161 days ago

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