Douching: A friendly guide



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Nice article, but frankly, I don't get the fuss around the shit (pun intended). To me it was never an issue to see that... and I've seen more than tiny bits of it in my dick and in my bed sheets as well. So what? It's an ass, not a soft ice cream machine. As long as we can clean it after-fact, there is no nothing to fuss about. Love your ass and let yourself be loved back, people.

Ass3 17 hours ago

Douching 101

Bless you Cameron, Dear! This article is the kind of sh_t (pun intended) the community(-ies) need(s) more of. Journalism by and about queers can get mired in topics like the joys of hyphenated marriage or how lousy it is to be queer in fossil fuel producing country X. Whereas these are good topics too, emancipation only comes of re-writing the user manual for our interaction with ourselves and others. I taught myself to douche just like i taught myself to shave (both back when dinosaurs were young). I managed. But that ain't how community is supposed to work. Thank you for caring!

Babewyn (aka Josh) 10 days ago

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