Wanna save the world? Ride the damn train!

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BahnCard 50 price?

Is that the first class BahnCard 50 price? Mine costs 255/year.

Anna 309 days ago


Hi Anna, yes, the subeditor has inserted the first class price; yours is the second class one. Just in case anyone else is wondering about prices, here's a link to the full list https://www.bahn.com/en/view/offers/bahncard/bahncard.shtml

Sandra Sarala 308 days ago

a record of touring by InterRail


Sandra Sarala 311 days ago


Excellent article, so glad Sandra Sarala and ExBerliner are reporting on this. One very important tip that makes train travel possible is Interrail. Yep, that's Eurorail (for non-Europeans or non-European residences) or Interrail for those living here. It is much cheaper than single national train companies. It's a very good deal. Check it out: https://www.interrail.eu/en/interrail-passes
Also of course in several languages. Best way to get around Europe sustainably - and NOT just for tourists!

Carrie Hampel 314 days ago

more trains

Thanks Carrie. InterRail/EurRail will love you for this! The best deals they offer are for those under 26, but they also have 15% reduction sale periods, usually in spring and autumn. It was amazing travelling with an unlimited pass for a month last September https://permaterrailean.blogspot.com/ the ongoing organisational logistics for each new destination take a little bit of time, and the rest is all enjoyment

Sandra Sarala 311 days ago


Whether or not it's totally effective, I'm sure it doesn't hurt. One cool option here: https://www.wearedonation.com/.

Luke 319 days ago

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