July 16, 2010

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Berlin is an ice cream lover’s paradise. Countless parlours pop up out of nowhere with the first rays of spring sun, offering an amazing choice of often homemade, sometimes organic, frozen delights for mere pocket change. Eis is to Berlin’s summer what gloom and doom is to its winter: a must-have.

Kiez hits

Enthusiasts claim it is worth the up-to-20-minute wait for a scoop of ice cream at Kleine Eiszeit, a Prenzlauer Berg institution since GDR times. Kollwitzkiez bobo families flock to the leafy outdoor tables of Annamaria for homemade Italian-style ice cream, while their Helmholtzplatz counterparts squat on the Raumerstraße sidewalk to lick away at their Eislabor flavours.

Across town, Berlin Homemade Icecream, where everything from the chocolate chunks to the cookies in... “Cookies”are made in-house, is a Schöneberg gem. The smiley servers and attractive location in the Wrangelkiez, make Aldemir a favourite despite average ice cream; canal-side Isabel is another Kreuzberg neighbourhood popular spot.

Eat in, eat out: the cafés

Kauf Dich Glücklich serves up delicious waffles and cheap scoops of standard flavours among bright, retro furniture and jars of plastic snakes, toy soldiers and other novelty items. Also in Prenzlauer Berg, Art Nouveau-style Anna Blume, adjacent to the eponymous flower shop, offers a limited but high-quality selection of homemade fruit sorbet and ice cream among a much larger selection of cake à la mode. Tanne B on Lausitzer Platz has flavours like “Sand Thorn” and “Sesame-honey”, freshly made waffles and a spacious 30-seat, pastel-striped, gallery-esque dining room successfully mixes hipsters, vegan Eis and bad art, but before you get too excited – their waffle cones are not vegan.

For DIY-ers: make your own ice cream sandwich at cute, family-friendly Kunst+Eis Cafe, right across the street from the popular Teutoburger playground: here, homemade chunky cookies, super-creamy peanut-butter ice cream and the half-submerged mini dining room will take you back to childhood summer jaunts. Caffè E Gelato in the air-conditioned Potsdamer Platz mall serves up over 40 Italian-style flavours, including sugar and lactose-free options. It is the perfect place to cool off with a Kugel or two post film-going, shopping or sight-seeing.

Special treats, exotic flavours

Viktoriapark-side storefront Vanille & Marille offers fabulous homemade flavours like Lemon-Cinnamon and dried apricot (with pine-nuts and white pepper), while Schöneberg’s Inka Eis offers fantastic home-made ice cream and sorbet made from South American fruit and other exotic ingredients: Guanabana (sweet and sour), Lucuma (nutty, dry and sweet) and Lemongrass.

Adjacent to Friedrichshain’s monolithic Communist block, the jungle-motif Eisfabrik has a wide variety of truly delicious soft, smooth flavours, from the sweet and candy-like Grün Apfel to Banana, Tropical Fruit and Malaga (made from the liquor, not the essence). Their scoops are as cheap as they are generous.

Yoli brings flavour to the flavourless area around the Naturkundemuseum (and from July 1, also to fashion hip Münzstraße) with a very unique treat: tangy, non-fat-but-creamy frozen yoghurt you can top with a choice of four velvety sauces (try the ‘chocolate coffee’, or our favourite, the pistachio delight!). There are also over 20 whimsical toppings to choose from, including American favourites like Oreos or marshmallows; black or white chocolate flakes; and a healthy helping of fresh berries, mango or papaya. Mix it all up in a smoothie!


July 16, 2010

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I also have another sugestion to add to this awesome list: They have the best vegan ice-cream that I tasted so far in Berlin!

Flo 323 days ago

are you sure?

The best ice-cream in Berlin is to be found in Spandau. Florida ice-cream parlours arerenowned and people really queue there for hours in the summer. Their products are also available in Kaisers but nothing beats visiting the original

joy Tyson more than 3 years ago

you're all wrong sorry!

The best ice-cream is found in Eismanufaktur, Augstrasse 63, Berlin! FACT! <3

Amy Lou more than 3 years ago

Kunst + Eis Cafe

If you visit the Cafe's website, the ice cream parlor/cafe on Teutoberger Platz is refered to both as Kunst+Eis Cafe and Cafe am Teutoburger Platz. The business's official name is Kunst+Eis.

And yes, you're right. Kunst+Eis Cafe does have an Erdnusscreme, rather than an Erdnussbutter, ice cream: it tastes like peanut butter, but has neither the swirls of peanut butter you'd get from Baskin Robbins back home, nor the actual chunks of nut you'd expect from something called peanut ice cream. Neither though, are that hard to imitate with a spoon, vanilla ice cream, a packet of air jet peanuts and/or a jar of peanut butter...although I take it you're not as into DIY as I am ;) For me, the 10 seconds of DIYing to get a home made ice cream sandwich is 100% worth it in the end.

And maybe if you ask nicely, they might just DIT (Do it Themselves)

Katherine Koster more than 3 years ago


Kauf Dich Glücklich is the most overrated, overpriced, pretentious, hipster-wanna-be, deplorable cafe in Berlin, perhaps even in Europe. Awful service and tasteless music accompany their inferior quality ice cream, not to mention their rubbery dishwater waffles. The cleanliness of the place is also cause for concern. Employees routinely wipe down counters and equipment with filthy rags that stand in pools of coffee debris and melted puddles of ice cream drippings. The only people that frequent the cafe are Prenzlauer Berg map holding tourists and fashionista-posers who think that it is cute or kitsch to be seen in that dump. Keep an eye on Kauf Dich Glücklich... its places like this which strip away everything that is authentically original about Berlin. PS, you know the food is terrible when you go there completely high off of your face and you still cant even muscle it down.

kaufdichawful more than 3 years ago


I was really excited to read the Kunst+Eis review- creamy peanut butter ice cream in GERMANY? Excellent! However, after visiting, I found the review was way off. First of all, they don't go by that name, their outdoor signs only say "Cafe am Teuoto.". Secondly, the lady working there told they do not ever have creamy peanut butter icecream, rather, they have peanut and caramel eis that is popular but never peanut butter. Finally, the ice cream sandwich is a good idea- but you literally have to make it yourself, in that you buy the cookies and you buy the eis, walk over to your table, and proceed to put it all together. Overall, not worth the glowing review- nor the mis-statements.

Jen more than 3 years ago

Kleine Eiszeit is the BEST!

Kleine Eiszeit is the BEST! No doubt about it!

more than 3 years ago


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