Die Deutschule

Karl-Marx-Straße 107, 12043 Berlin

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030 6808 5223

Mon-Fri 9-19:00

Language School

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Doppelgänger, Kraut, Kindergarden - that shouldn't be all!

Love Berlin? Want to live and work here but your German skills could use some improvement? Then this is your place to be - die Deutschule in Neukölln. A young, dynamic, colourful and international school in the heart of Neukölln, one of the most multicultural districts in the capital city.


Here you'll find young, energetic, well-qualified teachers providing professional classes in a modern environment. Boost your German in one of the intensive courses - professional staff (all with at least one university degree), fair prices (188 euros for 4 weeks Mon-Fri 4 hours daily) and fun and motivating lessons.

Classes and more

We regularly take excursions within and outside of Berlin, for example to museums, special events, concerts, monuments and more - because our goal is not only to enable you to communicate in German but to give you deeper insight into the culture, the country and especially the capital Berlin and its turbulent history.

Official certificates

Do you intend to study here at a German university and require an official German language certificate? No need to worry, we offer special in-house preparation courses and are an officially accredited and registered test centre for Test DaF. In a 5 week preparation course  we will bring you up to a very proficient level of German, in order to successfully pass this officially recognized test.


Our school is equipped with all kinds of modern technology used for various projects of our teachers and students in their classes. A great plus is our info-café, here you'll find great espresso and a place to meet and chat - and even to play the piano! Feel free to tickle the ivories! And don't forget the roof-top terrace!

Why die DeutSCHule?

What sets us apart from other German schools in town is the great athmosphere and amazing people from all around the world - the students as well as the teachers feel at home here - this makes it the perfect place to study German, get in touch with interesting people, make friends and feel at home in Berlin.  


4-weeks of intensive German course for 188 euros (80 hours)

Course times

Morning courses: 9:15am to 12:15pm

Afternoon courses: 1:15pm to 4:30pm

Evening courses: 5pm to 8:15pm


We help you with visa issues and on our notice board you can find various offers for rooms to rent, used books or other useful help and information.

What are you waiting for? Get your German started in an extraordinary school with extraordinary people! We look forward to meeting you soon!