K.W. Institute for Contemporary Art

Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin

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Auguststraße 69, 10117 Berlin
Tue-Wed 12-19:00, Thu 12-21:00, Fri-Sun 12-19:00


  • Fresh air at KW

    Kunst Werke Institute for Contemporary Art welcomes new head curator Ellen Blumenstein with a grand "Relaunch", restoring the humanness of the earlier eras of KW. Check out the breath of fresh air on display now through Aug 25.

    Jul 9, 2013

  • Archive alive!

    The K.W.'s Living Archive exhibition displays the Kino Arsenal's jaw-dropping collection of films in multifaceted ways in conjunction with the film institution's 50th anniversery. Come and see the old made new from Thu, Jun 6.

    Jun 6, 2013

  • Interview: Dor Guez

    ON NOW! Arab or Jewish? Israeli photographer/video artist Dor Guez’s ID card says “Jewish”, but his family history is not as straightforward. With his solo exhibition Al Lydd, he paints a counter-narrative of Palestinian culture.

    Sep 23, 2010 2 Comments

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